Payment terms

Specifications and conditions for participation
Preliminary knowledge.
- In order to take advantage 100 % of the information provided during the seminar, the students should know:
     - English –minimum level.
     - PC operation –minimum level, browser use for Internet.
Conditions of the seminar
- The students receive a course handout, which will also be used for writing down remarks and useful information.
During the seminar:
- Any type of audio/video recording, which is not authorized by INVASTA SRL is forbidden.
- Mobile phones must be shut down during the entire seminar.
- There will be breaks for questions during the seminar.
- After the end of the seminar, we will stay for offering free advice and for answering to additional questions – but not later than 22h00  (room closing).

- Promotional coupons are valid 60 days from the date of their reception from the dealers.
- Persons not having promotional coupons (for the 10% reduction) can go directly to the company’s head office or they can come directly to the place where the course is taking place and ask for promotional coupons (usually, they are given to the first 5 participants arrived witout coupons).
- Persons who choose to come directly to the seminar undertake the risk of not finding any more available seata and/or course handouts.
- People who pay 30% in advance will receive an additional reduction of 5-10% (namely 20% in total). The 30% advance payment is not reimbursable in case that person changes its mind, but it can be used as an advance payment for another course, of the same type, within 30 days. In case they do not choose a rescheduling within 30 days, the advance payment is lost.
- Payment will NOT be made at dealers, agents or other persons promoting the course. Payment will be effected only:
     - At the head office of INVASTA SRL company (see “Contact” the section including the address)
     - Where the seminar takes place.
     - To INVASTA SRL representatives, which are especially sent to the potential students for collecting the money.
     - By cheque or bank transfer (see “Seminar Description” –the section about payments)
INVASTA SRL DOES NOT undertake any responsibility for payments made to persons that it did not authorized for this purpose.  

Use of knowledge
- Shares, funds, bonds or brokers’ descriptions – which are presented during the seminar, are not recommendations for investing, they are only examples.
- INVASTA SRL and its employees or collaborators DO NOT recommend and DO NOT urge anybody to invest or to speculate in any way. The seminar has an educational purpose.