Seminar 2
Advanced techniques of shares investments at the US stock exchanges – use of Options

2. Seminar description

Did you know that by paying a part of a share’s price you could win (lose) double, triple or even more than the initial investment?

Did you know that there are investments protection techniques, so that you would not lose even if the shares’ price dropped?

Do you know that you can be “paid” in advance in case you stake on the stagnation or rise in the price of the shares in your portfolio? Or that you can be paid if you stake on the drop in the shares’ price?

Did you know that without investing (paying) practically nothing you can gain money just by staking on the rise of drop of some shares (in case the evolution is not correctly forecasted, your losses can be enormous)?



  • Special indicators of shares’ Technical Analysis – methods of establishing the trend, the purchase entry points and the selling points.
  • How to make correlations between the fundamental data of the shares and the indicators used in the Technical Analysis.
  • Advanced techniques of determining the shares which meet various portfolio conditions.
  • How to correlate the shares’ and the market’s trend, the fundamental data and the managers’ shares for obtaining maximum benefits.
  • Options – detailed presentation of the various types.
  • How to use Options in order to protect your investments against an unfavourable evolution.
  • How to multiplicate your profits by using Options.
  • How to use margin funds (money borrowed from brokers) for Options and how to perform the portfolio management depending on the Options Schedule and the evolution in the shares’ price.
  • Analysis of the risks and losses to which you are exposed while using Options and how you can limit the risks.
  • How to scan on-line over 10,000 shares in order to find those you are interested in for the Options.
  • Options index and stocks protection techniques.
  • Leaps and their advantages.
  • Delta and other specific indicators for Options.
      • Straddles, Spreads and other profit optimization techniques.
      • How to use Options effectively, through detailed scenarios in various situations.

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Other details in Payment Terms
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INVASTA SRL and the persons delivering the course do not invite anybody to invest or to speculate in any way on any market in the world. The course has a strictly academic character and its purpose is to provide knowledge to those who want to increase their intellectual level or to improve their knowledge.