Basic knowledge and techniques for ON-LINE investments in shares at the US stock-exchanges



1. Seminar Schedule
Start :  9.00 o’clock
Break 1: 11.00 – 11.15
Lunch :  13.00 – 14.00
Break 2: 15.30 – 15.45. 
End:  17.45 – At the end, we shall be at your disposal, free of charge, for answers and consulting, till 22 o’clock at the most.

   2. Seminar Description
 You will learn about : 

  • Operation of the US Stock Exchange.
  • What is Wall Street, and what is the brokers’ role.
  • Purchasing/selling – shares that are traded in the US in a few seconds, directly from you computer.
  • How to choose your broker, who intermediates your access to transactions.
  • How to make transactions.
  • How you can gain or lose big amounts of money in a few seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks or months.
  • How you can recover your money for this seminar after your first transaction(s).
  • Techniques for choosing and analyzing shares. – Fundamental analysis. –On-line resources allow you access to the same information that only brokers knew before the computer.
  • Investment strategies using the Fundamental Analysis that American specialists, millionaires and billionaires use.
  • Trend speculation techniques, using the Technical Analysis: how to use „charts”, diagrams of the prices and indicators variation history for dealing during the day, weekly or monthly, any stock in relation to the stock exchange indexes (Dow Jones, S & P 500, etc.).

You will learn about the types of existing diagrams, (how to read and interprete them, how to use them).  What are the „Patterns” indicating ascendending and descending trends.
The colored diagrams with indicators on the brokers’ screens will no longer be a mistery for you.

  • Establishing saleand purchase signals from analyzing the diagrams.
  • On-line scanning, in a few seconds, of more than 10,000 shares in order to find those you are interested in, at the fundamental parameters and trend that you are interested in.
  • Finding in a few seconds detailed reports regarding the activity of any company or… managers’ salaries. 
  • How to be informed immediately, in „real-time” about the occurrence of any major event.
  • Interprete the news – general (economic, politic, etc.) or specific (for certain stocks) in order to gain more or to avoid losses.
  • How to know in „real-time” what is going on with the shares in your portfolio (events, announcements, etc.).
  • Reading a newspaper like Wall Street Journal will no longer be a mistery.
  • How you can win dividends and which are the best shares for higher and safer dividends. 

Did you know that dividends can be cashed without holding shares for one year?  Sometimes, a few months, weeks or days are enough!
- You will be able to scan as a broker does in order to find the shares with the types of dividends you are interested in.
Did you know that you can gain money when the market drops and/or the price of the shares diminishes?
- You will learn the „short” techniques in order to take advantage of the drop in the shares’ price or the market’s descending trend.   

  • Lower risk?  Bonds, Deposit Certificates and Funds offer low risk and potential profits over the Dow Jones or S&P 500 average. You will find out their types, how you can find the best of them in a few seconds or minutes and how they can be traded.
  • How to create and handle a portfolio or to create scenarios and to invest virtual money just for getting trained. 


  3. Price of the Seminar95 E + VAT , with the following possible discounts:
10% discount from dealers: 86 E + VAT
15% discount: 82 E + VAT
20% (15% discount + 5% 30% advance payment): 79E + VAT
For participation in two seminars:
30% discount for each seminar: 73 E + VAT provided that a non reimbursable advance payment of 3O% should be paid for the second seminar during the participation in the first seminar.

Payment may be made: - directly at the head office of our company (see ’’CONTACT’’) or on the day of the seminar, before starting the presentation.
- at least 3 days before starting the seminar cheque or bank transfer for  INVASTA  SRL  - please call for details.

Other details in Payment Terms
 For the above prices are promotional, INVASTA  SRL reserves the right to change them at any moment.  

INVASTA SRL and the persons delivering the course do not invite anybody to invest or to speculate in any way on any market in the world. The course has a strictly academic character and its purpose is to provide knowledge to those who want to increase their intellectual level or to improve their knowledge.